Recognizing the Other

I’ve been trying to identify why this presidential election campaign has been so depressing to me. I didn’t particular like either of the candidates or the parties behind them. But in looking at the debates and the candidates campaign websites, what is most distressing is that the candidates, and the country, don’t ever seem to acknowledge the good points of the other side. This is what I wish the candidates would have said:



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  1. Jason Orendorff Says:


    I particularly liked both candidates, relative to the norm, though I still don’t like either of their parties. I would have liked them even more if they were both secretly Benjamin Smedberg in disguise.

    Regarding Iraq, for instance: sure. But it’s a fantasy. That’s not what the candidates actually think. McCain believes we have to project power and self-confidence, regardless of any issue of honor or duty. Obama doesn’t buy the argument that by overthrowing another country’s government, we incur a national duty to its people. (I have no idea where he thinks the weakness in that argument lies. He considers it not worth mentioning.)

    On the other hand, I don’t know why he didn’t say that about pork spending.

  2. Pete Says:

    “The Iraqi people have achieved a stable government. There is nothing more we can do in Iraq that will make it better off. Leaving Iraq will not lead to chaos, insurrection, or anarchy.”

    Please tell me you’re joking.

  3. Daniel Einspanjer Says:

    Personally, I was rather happy with George Phillies’s take on many issues ( ). I was not pleased with Nader or Bob Barr.
    I disagreed with many of McCain’s stances on technology and international politics. I disagreed with many of Obama’s stances on bigger government and many of his VP’s stances on technology.

  4. Benjamin Smedberg Says:

    Pete, in case you totally misread the post. I’m trying to put words into the candidates mouths based on what I think/hope they believe. Given that they did not actually address the issues means that I have no good idea what they actually think I don’t whether McCain was anti-pork for logical reasons, or just because it offended his sensibilities. I also don’t know whether Obama wants immediate withdrawal from Iraq because

    1) Iraq is stable; or
    2) Iraq is unstable: our national honor is at stake, but there’s absolutely nothing we can do so we might as well pull out; or
    3) we have no national honor at stake, so we might as well just walk away and save the billions of dollars.

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