ABC Meme

Instructions: type the letter ‘a’ in your browser location bar and choose the first match from the dropdown. Repeat for each letter of the alphabet.

Browser: Firefox 3.1 beta

a: Air Mozilla
b: /buildbot/steps/ – Buildbot – Trac
c: mozilla mozilla/
d: Digg / News
e: Enter Bug: Core
f: First National Bank of PA Personal Banking Services
g: Google Quicksearch: g
h: hghooks: Summary
i: intranet
j: mozilla mozilla/js/src/jsapi.h
k: Build Log (Brief) – Win2k3 comm-central dep unit test on 2008/10/30 15:57:27
l: Lilypond program-reference
m: tinderbox: MozillaTry
n: Google News
o: os.path – Common pathname manipulations
p: mozilla-central: pushlog
q: The QDB: Welcome
r: mozilla-central mozilla/config/
s: Slashdot – News for nerds, stuff that matters
t: BSBlog > Blog Archive > The Testing Matrix
u: United Airlines – Airline Tickets, Airline Reservations, Flight Airfare
v: Lilypond program-reference
w: – nation, world, technology and Washington area news and headlines
x: XPCOM Glue – MDC
y: The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia
z: Mozilla Dehydra Cross Reference

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  1. Christopher Finke Says:

    Did you see this here: or is it just coincidence?

  2. Robert Kaiser Says:

    I wondered if I should chime into this, but our frecency and match-in-the-middle-of URLs algorithms make a large number of letters end up in either my localhost startpage or (even more often) Google finance’s Dow Jones page, and some other duplicate sites as well, so that list gets quite useless.

  3. db48x Says:

    There ought to be an extension…

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