Welcome Ted Mielczarek (luser) as Build-Config peer

Ted Mielczarek (luser on IRC) has been acting as a build-config peer for a while now, and I have been derelict and haven’t updated despot or made an announcement. Ted has been doing some great work integrating Breakpad (formerly airbag) into the toolkit, as well as learning and helping with the tangled web that is our build system. He pretty much single-handedly fixed our build system to support embedding CRT manifests for VC8.

It seems that whenever I challenge him to do something, he comes right back at me with a solution. For instance, I was musing on IRC how nice it would be to have cvsgraph produce SVG instead of a huge image. Four hours later, behold (the code is a wild-ass ugly hack, but it works)!

Belated welcome to Ted!

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  1. Preed Says:

    (the code is a wild-ass ugly hack, but it works)!

    Oh, well then he’ll fit right in in Build Land ™!


    Seriously though, his work on Breakbag has been awesome… glad to have him aboard!

  2. funTomas Says:

    Nice to see SVG in a practical use. Hope, we’ll see more of it in near future.

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