Atom 1.0 for WordPress, version 0.5

Announcing the release of the Atom 1.0 plugin for WordPress, version 0.5. This is a minor upgrade to version 0.4 that adds hooks so that other WordPress plugins can modify the default Atom 1.0 output. Current users need not upgrade unless they want/need to use these hooks.

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  1. Sam Ruby Says:

    A suggestion for a later version…

  2. Validome Blog Says:

    Atom 1.0 Plugin für WordPress…

    Ben Smedberg launcht eine neue version (0.5) eines Plugins, das für die Weblog-Software WordPress einen Atom 1.0 Feed erstellt. Richtig gut: Dieses Plugin liefert offenbar einen validen Code, nicht gerade selbstverständlich in der Branch…

  3. Atomized at ten billion butterfly sneezes Says:

    […] Having some unexpected extra time today, I’ve converted tbbs-land’s syndication feeds to Atom 1.0. Thanks to Benjamin Smedberg’s nifty WP plugin, the deed is done. And the feed is valid, as witness the Atom Valid badge. I tested the feed with NetNewsWire, and the Firefox Sage plugin; neither had any complaints. […]

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