Atom 1.0 for WordPress

Author: Benjamin Smedberg

I've taken James Snell's Atom 1.0 templates for WordPress, fixed them up a little bit, and packaged them as a plugin (instead of replacing the files in the WordPress install, which makes it hard to upgrade WordPress).

Installation Instructions

  1. Unpack version 0.6 into your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. In the WordPress administration panel, enable the plugin.

Release Notes

I'm using the plugin on this blog, so check out the BSBlog feed for sample output.

The plugin replaces all WordPress feeds. RSS will no longer be available, and Atom 1.0 will be served at most of the generated URLs that previously served RSS. This includes blog?feed=rss and blog/feed/ links. Navigating to blog/wp-rss2.php will still give the RSS feed. Users should edit their theme so that the blog/feed link is labeled as Atom (or Feed), and there is no link to blog/feed/atom/.

Version 0.6 - 7-Nov-2006
Incorporated changes by Jens Alfke:
Version 0.5 - 19-Sep-2006
Added plugin hooks similar to those in the default wp-atom.php implementation, for integration with other plugins.
Version 0.4 - 11-Sep-2006
Fixed the main comment feed and validator warnings.
Version 0.3 - 7-Sep-2006
Fixed a bug where $GLOBAL["posts"] was already set before calling wp(), which caused a warning trying to construct the URL parameters.
Version 0.2 - 6-Sep-2006
Initial release (numbered 0.2 because it is a replacement for threadedatom 0.1).