Atom 1.0, the better way

After having mucked yesterday with my WordPress to add threading to my Atom feed, I found there’s a better way. I’ve taken James Snell’s Atom 1.0 templates, fixed them up a little bit, and packaged them as a WordPress plugin (instead of uploading them directly into the WordPress install, which makes it hard to upgrade WordPress). Installation instructions. Source code.

Update: James says his templates are public domain, and I am putting my changes and plugin glue into the public domain as well.

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  1. James Snell Says:

    No license restrictions. Consider them to be in the public domain. :-)

  2. BillSaysThis Says:

    Why does the plugin override the RSS feeds? Was this a technical or philosophical decision?


  3. dbt Says:

    This breaks the comment “rss” feed. It returns the site atom feed, not an all comments atom feed.

  4. Benjamin Smedberg Says:

    Bill, that was a technical expediency. I intend to re-add RSS support (forwarding RSS requests back to the default wordpress templates) in a future (pre-1.0) version.

    dbt, can you provide details? The comment atom feed WFM, but I may not be linking to the same thing you are; feed://http//

    Patches gratefully accepted!

  5. Bill Humphries Says:

    Thanks for doing this, a plugin’s much more manageable than patches!

  6. dbt Says:

    post-specific comment feeds work but the site comment feed, i.e. doesn’t.

  7. Iain Says:

    Thanks! I tried to install James Snell’s templates the other days, but they produced errors out of the box. This worked perfectly first time and it’s easier to switch templates and upgrade :)

    My comments feed works fine and validates.

  8. Iain Says:

    I double checked and indeed my comments feed is broken. It’s pointing at my main site feed, rather than my comments. I’ll disable the plugin for now. :(

  9. Sam Ruby Says:

    A small suggestion: trim all characters after the last slash in the xml:base attribute on the feed element. This will eliminate the last warning off of your feed.

    As an aside, most feed consumers (e.g., FeedDemon, Technorati, Bloglines, Microsoft, etc. have indicated that they would perfer that each feed be published in only a single format. They are quite OK with different blogs using different formats, and tend to put their best efforts on “x.0” versioned formats, but having to sort out duplicates across feeds is a headache that most would rather do without. Not to mention the UI faux pas of asking a typical feed consumer to decide which feed format is most appropriate for them. At this point, the rare few who are using a tool that doesn’t support Atom 1.0 presumably are well aware of the workarounds available to them, like FeedBurner.

  10. Ross M Karchner Says:

    Seems to conflict with the Feedburner plugin (or the other way around). The Feedburner redirect doesn’t happen when atom10 is enabled.

  11. BSBlog Says:

    Atom 1.0 for WordPress, version 0.4…

    Announcing the release of Atom 1.0 for WordPress, version 0.4. This release fixes some bugs in version 0.3 where the main comments feed wasn’t working, and a warning from the feed validator about same-document references.
    Note: I am told that thi…

  12. » Arquivos » Atom 1.0 no Wordpress Says:

    […] O plugin funciona de tal maneira que o WP gere sempre Atom 1.0, não importa se o link aponta para, ou — exceto através dos links diretos para os scripts que geram RSS 0.92 (wp-rss.php) e RSS 2.0 (wp-rss2.php). Inclusive comentários. Como o próprio Benjamin explica, é melhor que seja via plugin do que patches contra o próprio código do WP, para facilitar atualizações. Bom, depois de já ter feito uma meleca colossal por um motivo muito similar, posso dizer que concordo. :-) […]

  13. Joshua_Tree Says:

    I installed version 0.4, wich broke my main comments feed. Recently upgraded to 0.5, but still it’s broken. Since I can’t tell php-code from a hole in the ground I don’t know what causes this either.

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