Paternity Leave

I’m expecting a new baby tomorrow (she will be induced if she doesn’t come out naturally), so starting today I will be taking a two-week paternity leave. I’m not going to disappear completely, but I don’t expect to be doing any serious coding or reviewing for the next few weeks. The following peers are around to do urgent reviews in my absence:

I promise, I’ll post pictures of the new baby when she arrives!

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  1. Daniel Cater Says:

    Good luck, I hope everything goes well for mother and daughter :)

  2. Bill Gianopoulos Says:

    Don’t worry, we’ll continue to blame you if the tree goes red anyway! :-)

    Hope all goes well!

  3. Robert Accettura Says:

    Didn’t you just have a kid like last week?

    Boy, you must enjoy this Dad thing… or just like waking up to crying at 2:00AM! ;-)

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