XULRunner and Eclipse

IBM today released the first version of their AJAX Toolkit Framework, a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that allows developers to develop, inspect, and debug web applications. What is very cool about this project is that they are using XULRunner (with its builtin JavaXPCOM embedding support) to drive the web technologies.

I suppose that I’ll need to get to work creating user-friendly installers for XULRunner now. The current instructions instruct users to install XULRunner using the command line --register-global command-line flag, which isn’t very user-friendly.
Screenshots courtesy of Javier Pedemonte:

DOM Inspector and JavaScript Console JavaScript Debugger XMLHttpRequest Monitor

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  1. кропп.спб.ру Says:

    AJAX Toolkit Framework для Eclipse…

    IBM представила AJAX Toolkit Framework — плагин к Eclipse для разработки AJAX-приложений. Браузер встраивается в среду Eclipse с помощью XULRunner. Как только я ус……

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