New XULRunner Docs

The weeks right around Christmas are a hard time to get coding done: many coworkers (both Mozilla employees and others) are on vacation. So I’ve spent a decent amount of time this week working on projects that don’t require extensive collaboration:

XULRunner Roadmap
I’ve put up a new draft of the XULRunner Roadmap and reworked a lot of the XULRunner documentation on and I still need to document the -install-app feature and how to run mac application bundles.
Extensions that Require Dependent Libraries
Advanced extensions may depend on external libraries that need to be shipped with the extension. This is hard because Firefox does not automatically load any dependent libraries when loading XPCOM components. I’ve written up an article on using dependent libraries in extension components. This should also work for loading dependent libraries in XULRunner components…
Stop exporting nonfrozen symbols from libxul
Bug 305949 and its blockers: this is almost done, and once it is done I can tackle the “build Firefox on XULRunner” problem in earnest.

If you haven’t heard the buzz, Songbird is making a splash as an open-source media player and is using XULRunner to drive its user interface! I got a chance to meet the Songbird development team and get a sneak preview of their app; I’m excited that XULRunner is able to make rapid application development of great new apps possible.

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  2. Andy Says:

    Hi, I tried to follow your guideline in the “using dependent libraries in extension components”, but somehow it is not working 100%.

    I have following hierachy:
    In components: I have MyExtStub.dll, MyExtenstion.xpt.
    In libraries: I have MyExtension.dll, dependent.dll.
    In the NSGetModule of MyExtStub.dll, I fowllow the guidline, load dependent.dll to memory, then load MyExtension.dll, call NSGetModule of MyExtStub.dll, everything works fine because the return values are all NS_OK. But only MyExtStub.dll is registered, not MyExtension.dll because i look at the compreg.dat in the profile directory and find MyExtStub.dll, not MyExtension.dll.
    Am I missing anything?
    I would greatly appreciate if you can point out what went wrong or what was missing.


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