Locale-Switcher 1.5

I have updated the Locale-Switcher extension for Firefox and Thunderbird 1.5. It is available on my website, and I have submitted it to addons.mozilla.org.

New features include fixing the extension for Firefox 1.5 and for mac and loading language and region names from the toolkit languageNames.properties and regionNames.properties files.

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  1. Mark Says:

    So this extension switches switches languages in without needed to restart the browser? If this is the case why isn’t this functionality in the browser by default? This seems quite in line with the core directives of the browser.

  2. Alphager Says:

    Mark: normal users don’t change their locale. It makes no sense to bloat FF.

  3. Kitkat Says:

    Where do I save this file to, or how do i install this file?

  4. Murk Says:

    Do you have any hints on how to actually add a language?

    Also, I am curious to know what happens when I upgrade Fx, do the additional language packs upgrade automagically? What if the language pack for, say 1.07 is used with 1.5?


  5. Luis Faim Says:

    I’m writing to report that Locale-Switcher 1.5 couldn’t install on Tb 1.5 (20051201). I think this is RC2.
    Error message: …(Locale-Switcher 1.5 will only work with Thunderbird versions from 1.4 to 1.4.1).

    To Kitkat and Murk: Language packs are downloadable from Mozilla’s site and are extensions that install like Locale-Switcher – Tools->Extensions->Install->select file. While in FF these can also be installed simply by clicking the link for the extension from the site of origin. These often need to be updated to work with new releases of Mozilla sw.

  6. johann_p Says:

    I’d also like to note that this extension does not work with the Thunderbird 1.5 release. It refuses to get installed and a closer look at the xpi content shows that maxversion is set to 1.4.1 for Thunderbird. I tried to crank this up to 1.5 and while the extension does indeed install then, it does NOT show up in the tools menu and is therefore unusable.
    Which is a pity, because I am quite pleased with how it works in Firefox …

  7. thhirsch Says:

    First of all many thanks for providing this valuable extension. I appreciate your work verry much.
    For me too it is _not_ working in Thunderbird 1.5 release.
    Any comments, on when this will be fixed?
    I do plan to have a rollout by a scripted installation on XP-MUI installs and would like to include it to allow users to swith to their choosen MUI-Language.
    Does anyonw out there knows how to patch? (As simply augmenting the version number in xpi seems to be not working).

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