Langpacks Available

My local machine is running a tinderbox for localizations of Firefox 1.0. You can see the tinderbox page here.

Martin Creutziger has graciously agreed to host the langpacks which are produced by this build here. Note that these langpacks will install on a Firefox PR build, but you won’t be able to use them unless you start Firefox with the command-line argument -ui-locale ab-CD. If you install my locale-switching extension, recent aviary branch nightly builds should “just work”.

I currently do not have the machine set up properly to produce good binaries (it is a RH9 box hacked with updated RPMs from Fedora Core, and a gcc 3.5 trunk compiler with a couple of custom patches). The good folks at the Mozilla Foundation are working feverishly to set up a tinderbox which stages localized builds to the main FTP server.

For the record, getting anonymous access to the l10n CVS tree (and the website tree) is covered by bug 211375. There is a mysterious error message which needs to be debugged.

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  1. Peter Lairo Says:

    “If you install my locale-switching extension, recent aviary branch nightly builds should “just work”.”

    By that, do you mean they willl work *without* the command-line argument “-ui-locale ab-CD”? That would be a BIG benefit. Where is your locale-switching extension?

    PS. is in desperate need of a SEARCH function.

  2. b?rge Says:

    you can find it here:
    but I couldn’t get it to work.. I’ll try the comandline now.

    Note from bsmedberg: you can also get it from the website where I originally announced it.

  3. P40L0 Says:

    I tried to install the pack, but I have this error-message:

    And If I click on the “View Details” box, appears this message:
    Chrome Registration failed for Extension ‘{f68df430-4534-4473-8ca4-d5de32268a8d}’ when calling nsIXULChromeRegistry::installLocale with this chrome path: jar:file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Massi/Dati%20applicazioni/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/k7976ayb.default/extensions/%7Bf68df430-4534-4473-8ca4-d5de32268a8d%7D/chrome/it-IT.jar!/locale/help/ (profile extension = true). Perhaps this path does not exist within the chrome JAR file, or the contents.rdf file at that location is malformed?
    I have Firefox 0.10.1, and I downloaded the ITA Lang Pack ^_^’
    What I should to do?

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