Anonymous access to the Localization CVSROOT

Anonymous access is now available for the localization cvs repository, thanks to the hard work of Mike Shaver and Dave Miller. Thank you! You can now check out and build any Firefox localization with the following procedure:

To look at the available locales and whether they are building correctly, see the temporary tinderbox.

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  1. Abdulkadir Topal Says:

    Could you please provide a checkout command for those who don’t build Firefox themselves but only need the locales?

  2. moox Says:

    Thank your for this update!

  3. UltraBob Says:


    It looks like there isn’t a Japanese locale yet? I’d be happy to work on the localization for that. What is entailed in doing that?

  4. Oscar Manuel G?mez Senovilla Says:

    I think this information is missing, and the improperly closed bug 245831 about expecting info about localize firefox was provided ( was created for having this kind of info available in
    This really helps to have more info, but unless all the info for a translator can perform for his language ALL the steps performed in to build en-US builds, the problem will not be completely solved.

  5. FredBezies Says:

    Thanks for the info. I am grabbing localizations in order to have a french version of my nightly homemade build. It will be strange to have firefox in french after using it everyday in english.

    Thanks also for this great work :)

  6. Frederic Bezies Says:

    Just a little comment to say that installation of a localized version is completely problem free. It is just surprising not to have firefox in english. Thanks a lot :)

  7. Frederik Himpe Says:

    Is it possible to build one Firefox with several languages integrated, so you can choose after installation via a command line option? How would you have to do this?

    bsmedberg says: There are not build options to do this automatically. However, it might be possible by manually calling “make -C browser/locales AB_CD=a-LANG” multiple times. It is also possible by installing language packs as extensions. You can start with the command-line argument -ui-locale ab-CD, or you can set the pref intl.locale.matchOS to “true”.

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