While googling using site-specific searches (trying to find out what glazou meant about “rainbow”) I quite by accident found, which redirects to What is it? Why is it there?

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  1. Robert Accettura Says:

    I believe that traces back to days of old.

    Might not be a bad idea to theme it, and use dmoz as a foundation for a mozilla start page (default for mozilla users). Get them off to a good clean start.

  2. Peter Van der Beken Says:


  3. basic Says:

    There a wikipedia entry about dmoz, not sure how accurate it is, but for the most part it sounds correct from what I remember.

  4. Gerv Says:

    This came up in a staff meeting perhaps a year ago. We agreed to log how many people used the redirect with a view to disabling it eventually. Not sure what happened next. I’ll ask tonight.

  5. Stephen Duncan Jr Says:

    Any answers on this?

    I just know that, whatever it’s purpose is, it has Google’s support:

    So what’s its status?

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