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Somebody needs to explain why we’re getting rid of the JS console and View Source from default Firefox builds (they will be available in the “Custom” install option). Comeon, even Internet Explorer has view source!

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  1. Adam Hauner Says:

    Maybe Back and Reload button are next…

  2. Fun With Wordage Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one
    Benjamin Smedberg, Daniel Glazman, Henrik Germal, Michael Kaply also appear to be part of ‘the resistance’ (can’t beat the nerdy name). View Source and JS Console are needed. Especially view source. This wouldn’t be a wise move….

  3. Minh Nguyễn Says:

    Nah, Back and Reload will appear in the “Additional Browsing Enhancements” extension pack. :^P

  4. Michael Lefevre Says:

    Isn’t the whole point of Firefox’s UI policy that they _don’t_ have to explain why they are changing the UI?

    Anyway, the explanation has been given: most end users won’t really need view source and the JS console, therefore they don’t need to be in the core UI.

    Folks that have any clue about HTML source aren’t the target market, and they can grab an extension.

  5. alanjstr Says:

    Firefox bug

  6. Cusser Says:

    Removing “View Source” I can understand, but the JavaScript console is a key factor in helping users figure out what the problem is (Firefox vs. Website) when things go wrong.

  7. Squadron76 Says:

    This time I don’t agree with the move too! Why removing it, after all even IE got View Source… if you want to see the source of a page and you don’t have the developer stuff installed, you have to install the browser again?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If it can cut down on browser clutter it makes sense.
    I think the whole menubar should be removed and also the dialog for tools-options.
    Everything should be a button, and whenever you want to set a preference you right click the button.
    Say you want to change the number of days for the history to remember. Right click the history, up pops a dialog, and set the value.
    One less bar is very important.
    As for the bookmarks menu is should be housed as a drop down list for the bookmarks sidebar button.
    Also, in opera, the reload and stop button are merged. It makes sense.
    And merge the back and forward buttons, one click does the action, but on mouse move, shows either the back or forward menu, better yet put a history drop down list under the history button or go button.
    The home button can be replaced by the activity indicator, so clicking it goes to your homepage instead of mozilla.
    And allow multiple bookmark toolbars.

    Get rid of it all, even the status bar,
    merge it with the location bar to see progress,
    and on mouse over a link shows the real url next to the mouse.

    Get rid of all the identity graphics too, if it can cut down on space.

  9. amix Says:

    There is sometimes the need to “View Source”, even for non-developers. By stripping all down Firefox won’t reach its goals.

    a) IE users already know these elements to be stripped away. At least this one. So the targeted audience has no problems with it.
    b) My Firefox has as much extensions installed as my Suite. However, sarcastically the Suite consumes up as much memory (RAM) as does Firefox. Still, many things have been stripped down if Firefox, for example all the preferences.

    Man, I can’t wait for the xulrunner, when all systems use the same code.

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