Learning About Tamarin

When a project like Tamarin is released as open-source, there is naturally a lot of interest in the project. I had a meeting with Eric Shepherd, Jeff Dyer, and Steven Johnson to coordinate a documentation plan for the Tamarin project. This is going to be an incremental process, starting with docs that already exist or are being created within Adobe. We have also identified various documents that we would like to create. I have put up notes from the meeting, for future reference.

If you have questions about Tamarin, feel free to ask them in the mozilla.dev.tech.js-engine newsgroup, or the #tamarin channel on irc.mozilla.org. Once you get your answer, please write an article for the Tamarin documentation on the Mozilla Developer Center.

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  1. Jim Plush Says:

    Tamarin is definately an exciting project to keep an eye out for. I have to create desktop like ajax apps on processors as slow as 266mhz. Having javascript on speed would be a dream.

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