New Owner of Mozilla Linux Embedding: Josh Soref (timeless)

For a long time, the Mozilla codebase has contained an API for embedding the rendering engine into GTK applications. This API, called gtkmozembed, is used by projects such as Epiphany. For a long time this API has not been strongly-owned, and ownership fell to me by default. Fortunately, new users of Linux embedding have stepped forward, and I am pleased to announce that Josh Soref (timeless) is taking ownership of the Linux embedding API.

The change of ownership will allow the embedding API to grow according to the needs of embedding clients; these include traditional desktop clients as well as embedders on smaller devices such as PDAs and phones. Josh will soon write a summary of future goals for Linux embedding to the newsgroup. Accomplishing these goals may involve additions to the existing gtkmozembed API, a backwards-compatibility layer to support gtkmozembed while promoting a new API, or replacing gtkmozembed outright. I would encourage all current users of gtkmozembed to follow discussions in the newsgroup.

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  1. Lloyd D Budd Says:

    Isn’t Josh employed by Nokia or another embedder? He seems like a moral person, so I won’t see a problem, but isn’t disclosure probably appropriate? Anyway, I am sure he will keep rocking the Moz.

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