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I frequently disagree with Glazou’s politics, but here we agree: the majority of the American public who are against breast-feeding in public are woefully misguided. What reasonably sensible person would feel intensely uncomfortable about seeing somebody breast-feeding in public? The female breast is not an inherently sexual thing: it’s a wonderful part of human anatomy that evolved (or was intelligently designed, depending on your world view) for feeding children. Of course, the female breast can give sexual pleasure, but so can many other parts of the human body. You don’t see people in a stitch about uncovered earlobes on magazine covers, do you?

Update: my wife disagrees.

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  1. Robert Accettura Says:

    I gotta agree on this one. I don’t understand how it’s sexual. If you follow typical American logic on this one, both brestfeeding, and a normal child birth are both technically child molestation. So unless you give birth by cesarean, your performing a sexual act with your child? Come on. I just don’t understand this.

    I think the US went *way* to far with making the body into a shameful and sexual object. According to Americans, Janet Jacksons breast caused kids to have trouble sleeping, and was worth congress investigating. Yet somehow, kids in Europe frequent topless beaches, yet live normal productive lives. Why? Because they don’t view the breast as just something sexual, or taboo. It’s just a nipple attached to a blob of fat. Nothing more.

    Lets analyze it more: Mens breasts are ok to expose in most recreational settings, pools, beaches, parks, etc. To quote wikipedia (warning: pics of topic may be sadly NSFW) on the differences:

    This article focuses on human female breasts, but it should be noted that male humans also have breasts (although usually less prominent) that are structurally identical and homologous to the female, as they develop embryologically from the same tissues. While the mammary glands that produce milk are present in the male, they normally remain undeveloped. In some situations male breast development does occur, a condition called gynecomastia. Milk production can also occur in both men and women as an adverse effect of some medicinal drugs (such as some antipsychotic medication), extreme physical stress or in endocrine disorders. Often times, newborn babies are capable of lactation because they receive some amount of prolactin and oxytocin (milk hormones) from their connection to the mother.

    So it’s not that male breasts are so different… it’s just men have historically made the social rules of society, and decided one is more shameful and one isn’t.

    I am however offended by earlobes in the media. I find it discraceful when people don’t cover them up (that picture on your blog included). Would someone think about the children! And that porographic “cartoon” Dumbo. Filth! :-D

  2. Sean Says:

    public breastfeeding is 100%discraceful and lowclass, i feel it should be illegal in all 50 states

  3. Sean Says:

    just so you know…i was broughup from a very conservative family with good moral values and good conservative values, i was raised to keep my elbows off the table, open the door for women, asking to be excused after done eating dinner, taking off jackets as guest entered the room, and above all…my father raised my daighter never to breastfeed in public. I find breastfeeding in public to be awfully rude, disrespectful and impolite, any women who does such discraceful actions like this in public, shows she lacks upscale class, manners, sophistications and being arristocratic. When a weak minded liberal society starts endoctrinating the wrong type of stuff to our newer generation to make our new generation see that public breastfeeding is ok, then society becomes a bunch of total ignorant savages that dont know any better from right and wrong plus lacking the basics of politeness, manners and class. Its time society stops looking at indecent exposure such as public breastfeeding a social norm, because if a society doesnt stop condoning this filthy habit, we could lose a civilized society and become just as stupid as cavemen who didnt understand the meaning or concept of manners, class, decency and being polite. Public breastfeeding is impolite, public breastfeeding is rude, public breastfeeding makes a women look ignorant lowclass trash who wasnt taught the right way about manners and class

  4. Sean Says:

    Hi…i just wanna say that i happen to be 100%against breastfeeding in public, i find this act to be revolting and sexually obscene. Public breastfeeding is a primative behaviour which shows that we are not much different than Animals, we as a society needs to stop abandoning common sense that public breastfeeding is indecent behaviour and quit looking at this whole issue as womens rights political correctness Bull****. The trouble with our society is that its too liberal, we live in a liberal free society that teaches us as a new generation to be rude and impolite and to make it ok to be rude and impolite which is what public breastfeeding is. A liberal society is miseducating a new generation to socially accept this indecent, lowclass, primative behaviour to where we are becoming more like ignorant savages and plus lose a civilized society with no moral values. These liberal womens rights lactivist are doing everything they can to indoctrinate a new generation in the 21th century of the bad ways which we should look at as social mores. Lactivist are a poison to this country and they set a bad example for all breastfeeding stay-at-home-moms, the ideal traditional conservative breastfeeding mother, usually stays at home with her children to breastfeed, or to show some class by breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant bathroom to show some honor and respect for all restaurant customers. Any women who has class would do that, public breastfeeding needs to be banned in all 50 states to make America a decent more civilized country with good moral values since the pilgrims came out here. Public indecent exposure such as breastfeeding in public is eroding our society, which is contributing this moral breakdown in our society. A society who believes in manners and decency would and can make a difference by signing petitions to have laws passed to make public indecent exposure illegal such as public breastfeeding by getting involved in the Republican convention. Public breastfeeding is a ugly, shameful, dirty, sexually explicit act that makes all women look bad and makes the ideal traditional conservative breastfeeding mother look bad. Public indecent exposure is whats hurting the moral fabrics of America’s values , because it used to be at one time or a nother that breastfeeding was done behind closed doors and remained a mystery. People knew about breastfeeding back in the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s era, it just wasnt veiwed out in public to push it in our face sort of thing which gave women a sense of dignity, decency and class. I dont have a problem at all with breastfeeding or nursing in public, i only support nursing in public, but only with the acception of a babybottle, just not THERE KIND of nursing in public of how Lactivist want it to be as an arrogant push-it-in-your-face-boobs sort of attitude. Like i already said before, lactivist dont set good examples for every breastfeeding women out there, they are bad role models for every idealistic conservative, traditional stay-at-home breastfeeding mother out there. Lactivist are hateful (make-trouble-for-you-people) bunch of scumbag militant groups that have really made a big embarrasment for all decent breastfeeding mothers out there and made a big embarrasment for themselves. These nurse-in-mother lactivist need to be repelled from our society and deserve a shot of pepper spray in there eyes for making business hard for Delta company when they sit around with no life to hold up signs for a big demonstration all because some lowclass trash like Emily Gillette couldnt take responsibilitys for her actions to use discretion or to take it to a bathroom. Public breastfeeding does tend to creepout restaurant-store customers and also makes business look bad, it gives a restaurant-store establishment a bad image. Women should feel a sense of shame, embarrasment, awkwardness and feeling out of place before doing something discraceful like that. If our screwy liberal government and senators are having legislation passed to have public indecent exposure such as public breastfeed legal just about anywhere including the workforce, how long will it be till laws are being passed to urinate-defacate in public. In france its perfectly legal to urinate in public and could very well be like that in America with the rate of socially accepting public breastfeeding to be a social norm

  5. Chelsi Says:

    You know, you can choose whether or not to be offended by something, and if seeing a breast offends you that much, then you’re pathetic. You only feel that way because you’ve been TAUGHT that it’s taboo. Have you ever thought to ask yourself why? Why is it such a big deal to see a breast? What is so offensive about a lump of fat on your chest, other than someone telling you it’s “bad”. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to look. Why don’t you mind your own business? It’s not their fault you can’t stop staring at them. You really must have nothing better to do. I find the thought of it being illegal disgusting. How dare anyone tell someone they don’t have the right to feed their child. Grow up.

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