Packaging Firefox With Customizations

The CCK (Client Customization Kit) is a tool that is useful for corporate system administrators and Mozilla partners who want to distribute Firefox with customizations for a particular environment. This allows customizations such as changing the default homepage, adding a search plugin, and even changing the default proxy settings.

Once you’ve created a CCK extension, however, there wasn’t an easy way to package up Firefox with customizations for distribution. I’ve written a utility which can accomplish this task. This tool can take the official Windows, Mac, and Linux builds of Firefox and repackage them with an additional extension.

Basil Hashem has written up a set of directions for rebranding Firefox, and I have some additional notes about my tool below.



Source code (MPL/LGPL/GPL tri-licensed)



It is a violation of the Mozilla license and trademark to distribute customized builds created with this tool outside of your organization without a written agreement with the Mozilla corporation. Contact if you have any questions.

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  1. Orrin Says:

    I’ve tried using the CCK extension and Mozilla Archive extension and have had no luck. It creates an xpi file but it doesn’t work. Also, after creating this XPI would the normal procedure be to manually install firefox and then the xpi? Is there a way of adding my custom xpi into the install and it get installed from the get go? I didn’t find much documentation that helped my case and gave up.

  2. Benjamin Smedberg Says:

    Orrin, did you even read my post?

  3. swarnaprava singh Says:

    I tried the CCK extension to create the installer. The extension runs fine till the last step where it asks for a command line version of ZIP when I click on Finish.Form where’ll I get that software? Can you please provide the link for it? Will it work for windows?

  4. BSBlog » Blog Archive » “Release Repackager 1.0″ Released Says:

    […] I’ve prepared, documented, and released a production release of the Firefox+extension repackager tool I blogged about a while back. […]

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