XULRunner logo

I am not a skilled graphic artist. This is by no means a “final” XULRunner logo. I just created it in my spare time and it is a lot of fun:

Preliminary XULRunner Logo [Atlas Holding Up Firefox]

In case you don’t remember your Greek mythology, Atlas was condemned to bear the heavens upon his shoulders by Zeus as punishment for leading the Titans in their war against the gods. I thought that the idea of holding up the Firefox globe was a fitting visual metaphor for XULRunner.

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  1. Robert Accettura Says:

    I was hoping for the fox in Nike’s or something ;-)

  2. franCk Says:

    Too smart :-)
    If I had the skills I’ll poke around with the RoadRunners cartoon characters and use red panda…

  3. anonymous person Says:

    Should a xulrunner logo really be firefox-based if its to be used for thunderbird, nvu, sunbird, etc also?

  4. gak Says:

    Good idea but far too complex for a logo…

  5. Jens Says:

    Although I like the metaphor I think the logo is not really a logo. You know, the first rule for a logo is KISS “Keep It Short (and) Simple” – having a photographic image is the complete oposite.

    But I have to admit that I cannot think of something better right now :)

  6. Axel Hecht Says:

    Talking about powering up the globe, how about a version of http://members.iif.hu/visontay/ponticulus/images/diktator-05.jpg? Or some other shot from that scene :-) Not necessarily this one, http://members.iif.hu/visontay/ponticulus/images/diktator-03.jpg.

  7. Christian Juner Says:

    Since XULRunner is an application platform why not use something you could use for a “generic application�? Maybe a small window or something like that?

    I really agree with Jens that it should be as simple as possible.

    If there is some kind of splash, or you got a chance to use a big logo for the docs or something, you could use your picture with Atlas.

    Just my 2 cents.

  8. Jamie Says:

    The generic globe in a generic window?

  9. Marcio Says:

    Here, Ivaldo, another contributor, created a draft as well. By no means official, just an idea and draft design. Check it out: http://www.oficinadesenho.com.br/archinotes/ptbr/xul/

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