Nurturing the Firefox Developer Community

A key part of Mozilla and the Firefox product is that it was built by a huge team of volunteers. As Mozilla has hired more full-time engineers, we haven’t necessarily grown our volunteer hacker community to match. In order to build our volunteer community even more, I am now hiring a full-time community manager for Firefox engineering.

I am very excited about the opportunity to have a person whose sole job is dedicated to understanding, growing, and nurturing the Firefox developer community. For a while we’ve had a great “Coding Contribute” team who have been creating dashboards and tools in their spare time, and individually welcoming new contributors. This position will expand on that team and make it more effective. There are many things we don’t understand about our volunteer community, and it will be awesome to have somebody who can spend their time understanding volunteer motivations, skills, limitations, joys, and frustrations. The community manager will be an essential resource for module owners, managers, and other team members to understand how to bring in and guide volunteers and how volunteers can help meet Mozilla’s goals.

Anyone who is interested can view the job description and start the application process here. I would like to especially encourage current members of the volunteer community to apply, if this is something that you are passionate about and are interested in a full-time job with Mozilla. If you aren’t sure and you’d like to talk to me about it before applying, please feel free to contact me.

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