PyXPCOM: Welcome Todd Whiteman!

Please welcome Todd Whiteman as the new owner of PyXPCOM.

PyXPCOM is a bridge between python and Mozilla XPCOM which allows app authors to write chrome script and XPCOM components in python. For a long time its source code has been in the main Mozilla codebase (CVS and then mozilla-central) in extensions/python. It is used by some fairly large projects such as the Komodo editor as well as the Sugar project.

Unfortunately, nobody ever created a bugzilla component for tracking PyXPCOM, and PyXPCOM bugs would languish in “Core: General” or “Core: XPCOM” unnoticed. As I was going through old bugs in XPCOM, I noticed the languishing PyXPCOM bugs. I asked Mark Hammond, the original PyXPCOM author and maintainer, whether he still had time to maintain the module. He did not, but he nominated Todd Whiteman (ActiveState) as his replacement.

In order to make PyXPCOM maintenance easier, Todd and I arranged for the following changes to PyXPCOM:

Todd has nominated the following peers for PyXPCOM:

Patches to PyXPCOM should be reviewed by Todd or one of the module peers. (Note that not all the peers appear on the module ownership page because of technical issues with the tool generating that page.)

I’m happy that PyXPCOM has active ownership and can continue to grow and serve the needs of its community.

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  1. James Says:

    followed shortly by an equivalent notice about PlXPCOM? Of course not.

  2. Benjamin Smedberg Says:

    James, I don’t know anything about PlXPCOM… but the code doesn’t live in our source tree, so I’m not sure what you’re complaining about (or even if you’re complaining… it’s hard to tell what you want actually).

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