More Fun with Compiler Warnings

My build machine for compiler warnings has been up for a while and reporting “warn-new” to the tinderbox. Since all this data is in a sqlite database, I wanted to present it in a better form than the tinderbox waterfall. So I’ve written up a quick frontend for the data.

Take a tour now!

I really love cherrypy+genshi+sqlite3 for this sort of work. It’s painlessly easy to get a database frontend up without worrying much about SQL or HTML injection.

The front-end graphs the count of unique warnings for each build, lists new warnings and fixed warnings for each build, and allows users to query warnings by directory, committer, and warning message. If you’d like to add additional queries, get the code here and contact me: I’m happy to upload the warning database for other people to experiment on.

As often happens, I’m hosting this on a machine in my home office, so it may disappear at any time. If it seems generally useful, I’ll talk to the Mozilla release team about getting a supported version running on the Mozilla network.

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  1. Colin Barrett Says:

    Seems like it’d be useful to show the number of warnings added and fixed next to each revision in the list as well.

  2. Boris Says:

    So I was looking at the warnings at and at least the first secman warning and the second nsImageLoadingContent warning are false positives…

  3. Ray Kiddy Says:

    Is there a way to find and/or create bugs is bugzilla that will be or can be recognized as being part of this effort? I see there is no keyword. Is there a whiteboard string or “title” mark that will be useful for identifying when a bug is about a compiler warning? It would help to see what has already been looked at and perhaps dealt with, or identified as being too sticky to deal with now.

    thanx – ray

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