Nightly testers needed for mozilla-central!

Users who installed a build of Minefield before 24 November and have been using automatic update since then may be in for a surprise: you are no longer using Minefield or testing mozilla-central!

Your browser doesn’t appear to support SVG. Go get one that does.

On 24 November, the Firefox code branched: mozilla-central continues as the repository for all new code. After code has been tested in mozilla-central, it is ported to the 1.9.1 repository, a more stable codebase leading to Firefox 3.1.

Right now, we have many more nightly testers on the stable branch (1.9.1) than we do on mozilla-central. But we really want to catch regressions in mozilla-central before they land on the stable branch. If you are a nightly tester, please go download and install a new Minefield build today! (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Update: to figure out whether you’re running mozilla-central or a 1.9.1 branch nightly, just look at the application title: it will say Minefield for mozilla-central, or Shiretoko for 1.9.1. You can also check the About dialog.

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  1. Dan Says:

    Why weren’t the people using mozilla-central pre-branch updated to mozilla-central post-branch?

  2. luis Says:

    It would be nice if that diagram explained the relationship of these branches to future releases; as usual moz’s branch structure has left me completely confused. :)

  3. Tyler Says:

    The Shirotoko branch is what will eventually be Firefox 3.1 and Gecko 1.9.1. The Minefield is currently working on Firefox 3.2 (Gecko 1.9.2), which will branch off eventually and the cycle will continue.

  4. jmdesp Says:

    The same thing happened to me after the 3.0 release, I was *not* testing 3.1pre without knowing it because the updates had brought me to the 3.0+ nightly branch, so thank you this time for the head up !

    But it would be much nicer to have an update dialog that allows to choose which branch you want to be updated to. Or some way to switch branch without having to download/install a build.

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