Automatic Smart Folders

In Thunderbird, I frequently want to see a list of messages I’ve sent or received from a particular person. For people I talk with regularly, I can do this with a manually set-up smart folder:

But really, I don’t want to set these up manually. I just want an easy context menu item to see all the messages from/to a particular person. I searched but couldn’t find what I wanted.

Also, why can’t smart folders/saves searches in Thunderbird show a threaded view?

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  1. aubrey Says:

    iTunes does some pretty amazing stuff with their smart playlists. I’d love to have the power of their interface to make rules for virtual email folders.

  2. gregR Says:

    Simile Seek ?

  3. Michael Maclean Says:

    Oddly, I had exactly the same idea yesterday. I like the saved search folders but like you say, they’re a little fiddly to set up.

  4. kjusupov Says:

    … and, the above given rule will ALSO display all other mails where was in cc/to

    Any chance to skip those mails?

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