As promised, I have created a python module which can be used to implement a tinderbox client to report arbitrary. I’ve also created a driver which can pull and build a Mozilla-like application. Sources here. I’ve tested it on Windows and Linux, but I fully expect it would work on Mac as well. It requires Python 2.4 and the killableprocess module.

I know it’s not especially obvious how to actually run a build. I use the following command line:

python mozbuild.py --config=/builds/tinderclient/firefox-config.py,/builds/tinderclient/sample-config.py --private-config=/builds/bs-passwords.py

Take a look at the MozillaTest tinderbox logs from Thursday to see the results of my test builds. Please note that anyone is welcome to run a tinderbox that reports to MozillaTest; it’s a place to test tinderbox scripts! If you want to start reporting to an official tree like MozillaExperimental or SeaMonkey-Ports, please ask permission from build@mozilla.org.

For those keeping track of killableprocess, I’ve committed some changes:

Right now this is a technology experiment. We’ll probably use it to drive a Tamarin tinderbox. It’s vaguely possible that Mozilla will switch away from the old-style perl tinderbox client altogether going forward, but that requires replicating a lot of logic, and might not be worth it.

Sometime after the new year, I will be adding a driver script which can perform builds in a loop, perhaps with config updating from CVS the way the current tinderbox scripts do.

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