FSOSS: Don’t Miss It!

Each year Seneca college (Toronto) hosts FSOSS: the free software & open source symposium. There will be quite a few Mozillians at this year’s conference: Neil Deakin and I are both giving tutorials, on XUL and XULRunner respectively. Eric Shepherd will be speaking on developer documentation, and Mike Shaver will be giving the opening keynote.

FSOSS2006 - Seneca - Free Software and Open Source Symposium

If you are in Northern America and have wanted to go to a conference but the big conferences were either too expensive (OSCON) or far away (FOSDEM), I heartily recommend this one: it’s inexpensive ($20-30), Toronto isn’t that hard to get to, and you’ll get a chance to meet some great people.

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  1. Lloyd D Budd Says:

    I miss T dot, and I don’t. Anyway, it sounds like it will be a great event. I checked the schedule and it also includes “You Should Be Giving This Keynote” by Mike Shaver, Co-founder, Mozilla Project.

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