OSCON 2006: Tuesday

Tutorial: Leveraging Mono for Cross-platform Development

I only went to half of this tutorial. It was targeted at people who may not know or have used Mono or C# before (I’ve read books and done some security-oriented programming in C#, but no GUI development). It was quickly clear to me that Mono suffers from the same deployment issues that have plague .NET in the GUI realm: it is painfully difficult to deploy a .NET/Mono client application targeted at “ordinary end users”. This is especially true if the app uses the GTK# GUI framework.

Dinner: Shane Caraveo and David Ascher

Very interesting conversation about how Komodo uses the Mozilla platform, and how me might be able to work together in the future. ActiveState has an internal testing tool written which records DOM events over a series of actions, which could be very useful for unit-testing. ActiveState is going through some exciting changes and I hope to see some new and exciting innovations from the company in the future.

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