Smoketesters Needed for Localized Builds

This is a call for volunteers to smoketest the localized releases of Firefox RC1:

We have produced the localized builds that we want to become the RC1 localized releases. They are available at

In order to certify that these builds are usable and ready for RC1 release, we would like each build to be smoketested. This basically means that a human has to download and run the build, and certify that the build basically works as intended.

Volunteers are asked to download any builds that they are able, test them, and report the results on the smoketest wiki page:

Since many localization teams do not have access to a mac, anyone with a mac and time to do testing would be greatly appreciated.

Please try to test the following items in particular:

The installer custom install options (if you are testing an installer build)
The help system (some builds have only English help, that’s OK as long as it works!)
The Options/Preferences dialog

We hope to “bless” these builds as RC1 tomorrow, unless serious errors are found. (Yes, we know that the linux builds don’t have working talkback. No, we don’t know why.)

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  1. Lambert Says:

    Tried german extension – install OK, extension seems to be active but still english language – no options in language extension.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Me too!
    It only works with Locale Switcher

  3. SLMalling Says:

    Tested the danisk macintosh pakage. Everything is working ok.
    Well.. that’s exept the wiki-page, wich seems down.

  4. BlogZiNet Says:

    Papillonnage Mozilla
    K-Meleon n’abdique pas face à Firefox 1.0
    Tabbrowser Extensions en français
    Innovations de Mozilla dans Linspire

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