XULRunner is out!

After years of planning, preparation, and coding by numerous people, a stable developer preview of XULRunner has finally been released!

Although the concept of a generic XUL application launcher or XUL Runtime Environment had been talked about for a long time, the practical beginning of the project can be dated as the first commit of nsXULRunnerApp.cpp to CVS by Darin on Aug. 26, 2004. Since then, a growing community of developers has improved and stabilized XULRunner to the point where various software projects are actively developing applications on top of the platform.

This stable preview release is an exciting milestone, and I am looking forward to the XULRunner 1.9 release, which will be the first production release which will ship with and serve as the application launcher for Firefox. I recently got the build system set up so that you can build Firefox-on-XULRunner, and once I get a few bugs taken care of I hope to have tinderboxes and nightly builds of Firefox-on-XULRunner available for early testing.

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  1. Raymond Says:

    I’m doing some experimenting with XULRunner.. at the moment is just trying to get extensions to work as applications..
    It works better than I first thought.. Hope I can make time to do some real xulrunner programming..

    Is there a list somewhere with what is included in XULRunner..
    is there for example the mozstorage ( for sqllite stuff ) ????

  2. FB2 Says:

    This is great stuff. I’ve been playing with the 1.8 build, and I’ve really missed the mozstorage module, is it built in now?

  3. Jed Says:

    Awesome, you rock Ben (and Darin)!
    Thanks for making this possible. I think XULRunner is the next BIG thing for mozilla and will really bring gecko to the masses and not only it a browser and email client.

  4. Villa Says:

    Wow, excellent job. I’m really excited about this project and I’m thinking about doing some XUL app development myself. You guys are awesome. This project could really achieve what Java didn’t. Keep up the good work :).

  5. Walter K Says:

    > Is there a list somewhere with what is included in XULRunner..
    See http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/XULRunner:What_XULRunner_Provides for more details.

  6. C4 Says:

    The link to the package does not work. Maybe this would be the right one?

  7. Gavin Says:

    Awesome. I have total faith in this project and I appreciate all the work that has been going into it. XULRunner is really great and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

  8. a.xul » Blog Archive » XULRunner Says:

    […] Font: Benjamin Smedberg […]

  9. Mark Says:

    I have been using XULRunner to make desktop widgets like clocks and application launchers. I have been adding the hidechrome=”true” to the window element and then using style=”-moz-appearance:none;background:transparent” This very cool since it is so easy to make widgets in XUL. I added IO support using XPCOM. Very nice work. Thank you!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    When can we expect Gecko SDK 1.9?

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