Help improve Firefox power usage!

Android Battery Death?

As Mozilla increasingly focused on being the best browser for mobile devices, we will need to focus on battery usage. This is already an issue on laptops, where some browser activities like playing movies can chew through battery very quickly, but it is even more an issue on smaller phone and tablet devices where batteries are smaller and users expect at least a full day of battery life.

The first part of this project will be accurately measuring our power usage under various conditions. As with any software engineering project, you are what you measure! To that end, Mozilla is looking for both volunteers and potential paid employees who are experienced at measuring and tuning power usage on small devices. If you have experience with software or hardware tools for measuring power usage (both is even better), please contact me at, or go ahead and apply for the job.

Mozilla is a great place to work, whether you are working out of one of our offices (Mountain View, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris, London, or Auckland) or working remotely. Especially with a new project such as this one there will be plenty of opportunities to chart your own course, and improve software which is shipped to millions of users.

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  1. Anthony Ricaud Says:

    Slightly related, is there a keyword or a wiki page to track the current opened bugs that affect power usage? could go on such a list.

  2. Benjamin Smedberg Says:

    Anthony, not at the present time, partly because we don’t have a good way of measuring it, so testing improvements becomes a game of guesswork. But I’ll keep it on my radar until we have a team in place.

  3. Matt Brubeck Says: is a meta-bug for tracking power management bugs.

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