The Firefox-on-XULRunner build system is basically in place now: it can produce working builds on Windows and Linux with a couple special configure flags. I even have a set of changes that allow it to be built on tinderbox. Get your hot-off-the-press Windows build here! Note, this was built with MSVC7.1 and you’ll need to already have the runtime libs on your system.

I won’t post Linux builds because my Linux box is x86_64 and is totally hacked up anyway.

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  1. Kurt Says:

    Can you please explain or point to an explanation of the significance of building on XULRunner?

  2. Chase Says:

    Congratulations Benjamin! I know how very hard you have worked for this moment!

  3. Robert Accettura Says:

    What is the timeline for switching everything over to XULRunner?

  4. glandium Says:

    Is it only on trunk or is it also in the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH ? Will it get on MOZILLA_1_8_0_BRANCH ?

  5. Ludovic Hirlimann Says:

    Kurt : FireFoix 3.0 will be build on xulrunner. This means that You will have xulrunner and will run Ff, Thunderbird, Calendar, and even Camino, with the same library (Xul runner). So this means that having thunderbird and Firefox on your machine will use less space and less memory because they will both use the same lib.

    Benjamin : On the windows runtime issue, is there something in MSVC 7 saying you can’t ship the lib ?

  6. Kroc Camen Says:

    You should call the builds ‘Firefoxr’. It’s so~ web 2.0 :P

  7. Jens Says:

    why is that package so large?
    XULRunner seems included inside the firefox distribution – looks wrong to me; shouldnt such a Firefox run on an already installed XULRunner instance on my machine?

    curious …

    thanks for all the effort

  8. Benjamin Smedberg Says:

    Robert, Firefox will switch very soon after the gecko 1.9 alpha1, which probably means 4-8 weeks. I’m hoping to switch Camino within that timeframe as well. Thunderbird and SeaMonkey are long-pole items.

    Glandium, this work is trunk-only.

    Ludovic, I didn’t bother with runtime libs simply because I put up this build as a one-off from my local build machine. The official builds are going to be built with MSVC8.

    Jens, this package includes Firefox and XULRunner together because it’s the easiest way to provide a single download for people. It’s large-looking because it uses zip compression instead of 7zip. When we get a real installer the package size will still include Firefox and XULRunner, but will be rougly the same size as the current Windows installers (right about 5MB). The installer will take care of installing XULRunner (if not already installed) and Firefox separately.

  9. Antonio Gomes Says:


    If you’d like, I can help on the linux build … just give me some directions ;)

  10. Benjamin Smedberg Says:

    Antonio, the linux build works just fine with the xr+ff mozconfig; I only didn’t post binaries because roughly nobody would be able to run them.

  11. Chris Cunningham Says: is an installer bundle based on the work I’ve done for bug 299989. It can install Firefox as an XULapp, and does a net-install of XULRunner if it isn’t already present on your system. It’s built using the build given above.

    – Chris

  12. Jahirul Says:

    congrats on reaching this milestone. nice work!

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