Deploying standalone XUL apps based on XULRunner 1.8

A couple of people have asked me how they could deploy standalone XUL applications based on XULRunner 1.8. I have written up the solution (I had to fix bug 316857 first) on the Mozilla Developer Center.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Where exactly is the XULRunner executable stub found and how is it created?
    Does an applicatio need to be installed by XULRunner before using it?

  2. Daniel Cater Says:

    Excellent. Can the stub be used for a XULRunner installed ‘properly’ on the system? Say I build and install XULRunner on Linux (/usr/ somewhere), then I unpack a XUL application + stub into a different directory (/home/ for example), will the stub find XULRunner?

  3. jed Says:

    Is it possible you could provide a sample xulrunner app for this new structure?
    Purhaps updating one of the old xul runner apps (made by darin?).


  4. jed Says:

    Found the link to Darin’s old sample app:

  5. Pogovor » XULRunner 1.9 Voodoo Says:

    […] bsmedberg has written previously about deploying standalone XUL apps based on XULRunner 1.8 and Installing XULRunner applications. This post expands on the latter, and note it is based on my findings (self discovery and nagging Ben a bit) while working with XULRunner 1.9 (trunk). […]

  6. Joe Says:


    I have a fully working xul+xpcom(binary C++)+JS application working when using regxpcom and placing them in the directory, and the xul app. is launched via “mozilla -chrome chrome://myapp/content/myxpp.xul” command prompt.

    However, I still cannot figure out how I can run my standalone app via xulrunner.
    I have placed all my .dll (c++ xpcom) in the /myapp/components and use a private xulrunner installation placed in /myapp/xulrunner. Do I have to first “install” xulrunner on my machine? How?

    Triggering “xulrunner.exe /myapp/application.ini” is fine as it will launch myapp xul application, but all the components are missing. All my .dll components are never registered properly (although all the .xpt are registered properly). In other words, compreg.dat will not register my .dll components but xpti.dat has those components.

    Appreciate it if you can help provide a step-by-step guide to make a working mozilla app. migrate to a standalone app using xulrunner.

    Thanks a lot.

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