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  • Australis perf: * Bug 894099 - Felipe advised me on nsWindow::ClientMarginHitTestPoint. Gijs took over last night. * Search box impact * cost of new CSS * impact of dirty localstore.rdf on talos * impact of bookmark button * Bug 688534 - fix graph server to order by build time instead of job queue time
  • Bug 583578 - form history fix for readonly/disabled username fields - affects
  • Bug 894796 - Fix for Bas' recording tool so it doesn't stop early
  • Investigated bug 855275 which may be caused by a regression related to window.close
  • Quickly looked into bug 896276. User is being asked to reset because we believe he hadn't used his profile in over 60 days. Our nsIStartup code thinks his process startup time is in the year 2099 intermittently.
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Australis perf

  • Reviewing numbers from perf try pushes
  • Spriting
  • CSS perf

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