Firefox Release Repackager


The release repackager is a tool which can take a Firefox release, deconstruct the release package, insert an extension to be installed with the release, and reconstruct the release package. The repackager is typically used in conjunction with the CCK to create customized builds for Mozilla partners and corporate IT administrators.

Warning: It is a violation of the Mozilla license and trademark to distribute customized builds created with this tool outside of your organization without a written agreement with the Mozilla corporation. Contact if you have any questions.




Note: this package includes the repackaging application and an embedded copy of XULRunner

Development sources are available via SVN.


Usage from the GUI is hopefully pretty self-explanatory; specify the path of the extension .XPI, the path of the original Firefox release bits, and an empty directory into which to save the repackaged bits. The repackaged bits will have the same filename as the originals.

There is also a command-line interface: /Applications/ [options]


Available platforms are win, mac, unix, zip (Windows ZIP archive... mainly useful for generating update MARs)
Disable profile migration in this build using override.ini.
Perform repackaging immediately without requiring any GUI actions.

Known Issues

Release Notes

Version 1.4 - Source
Version 1.3 - Source
Version 1.2 - Source
Version 1.1 - Source
Version 1.0 - Source