Religion and Planet Mozilla

Christian worship has a history of stunningly beautiful hymnody. Many of the hymns and chants of the Latin rite form the musical and poetical foundations of Western culture. I have a habit of posting some of the most beatiful or neglected hymns on this blog. I recently posted the Pange Lingua for Holy Thursday and the Exultet for Easter vigil.

After these posts I received several comments about how these posts were inappropriate for Planet Mozilla. Asa and the other people who run Planet Mozilla have decided that it should be an aggregation of the people who work on Mozilla, not just Mozilla-related posts. I agree with their decision. We already have topical newsgroups; Planet Mozilla serves a different purpose of broadening and connecting the Mozilla community. This is why Planet Mozilla syndicates all of my posts, not just the Mozilla-related ones.

It’s surprising to me that the religious posts receive so much negative reaction. I have never received any objections to the book reviews, random political musings, Pennsylvania trivia, or other posts which are equally “off topic”.

For those of you who wish to read only my Mozilla-related posts, follow the mozilla category or its feed.

For more information, see prior discussions in the mozilla.governance newsgroup.

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